About me

I was a heroin baby.  A Mother of three children.  Beaten by my jealous fiancé called Daniel.  Unknowingly.  I fled into the arms of a man called Niall known as the Caveman.  Who at the time was on the run for murder.  During 1992 I faced up to seven years in jail.  Having no option but to stand and give evidence against him in a murder trial.  I innocently left my children with Daniel.  After my return I found myself fleeing to certain individuals from social services for help.  To discover that  they had been friends with Daniel behind my back.  Daniel refused to let me back into my own house keeping me and the children I loved apart.  With nowhere else to go I stayed with my mother and later confided in a clairvoyant who told me that it was a ‘miscarriage of justice.’  When a new social worker took my case on in 1998.  Only then did I see a definite and positive change in my circumstance.  I was determined to make something of myself and so turned to God for comfort and recognition on my spiritual journey to find the truth.


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  1. writersvalley said,

    While Grass Grows’ an Autobiography, written by N.J. Storm. Jr

    Hidden Nrg….

    This website is dedicated to the fantastical ‘While Grass Grows’ An Autobiography written by Nicola Jane Storm. If you would like to order illustrations from the book – Romanticists – spirtual then email. This site is an honoring of the figurative dreamers of yesteryear. Browse through our archives and take a trip through the imaginations of the finest book of this genre.

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